5 Reasons Why Your Employees Would Thrive in a Co-working Space

Co-working office spaces are the industry standard for modern offices. Fueled by demand for digital-centric offices and accelerated by the pandemic, co-working spaces are here to stay. This write-up analyzes why employees in co-working spaces output more productivity than their traditional office counterparts.

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What are co-working spaces?

 Co-working spaces or shared office spaces are real estate offices set aside for businesses to lease. The stark difference between traditional offices and shared spaces is that shared spaces combine workers from different firms enabling cost-sharing, which individually drives down the overhead cost of each organisation.

 It is estimated that by 2030, 30 % of offices in the real estate workspace will be shared spaces on a lease basis. Co-working spaces infuse hospitality into traditional office models while being technology receptive which means businesses will inevitably shift to shared office spaces sooner than later.

  1. Improved networking

 Shared office spaces combine a talent pool from diverse fields into one local hub. Say you are a frontend developer; you will have a backend developer who will provide much-needed perspective into your website and app development process.

 The symbiotic relationships formed between experts from different fields form a network that is the anchor for much success. In recent times co-working spaces with improved productivity have been termed “success spaces.”

  1. Increased competition

 Similarly, interactions highlight what others are doing better than you. You can keep tabs on your competitors if it’s a shared office in the same niche, say real estate.

 Your employees can identify their marketing strategy, business offerings, and customer service experience that you can better. In the end, you are providing training to your employees for free. They can learn more and increase their competitive nature in shared spaces than in any boot camp you can organise.

  1. Green models increase productivity

 The sick office syndrome is a condition that describes workers getting disoriented from working in energy-efficient cubicles. To counter this, top Australian office spaces use potted plants and real estate locations surrounded by Australia’s stunning skyline.

 The effect is that workers feel more composed and focus on their jobs more. Moving your employees to a shared office space can increase their productivity up to 15% more. Productivity has a direct correlation with value addition that business managers understand.

  1. Better amenities

 Real estate companies invest in leading-edge amenities and technologies. You can’t channel funds to improve telecommunication every month and update your servers at your office space. Real estate firms leverage artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and advanced technologies to ensure the offices have up-to-date amenities. The result is a motivated workforce that outcompetes its peers on different business facets, technology, and old-fashioned hard work alike.

  1. Co-working spaces evolve with the trends

 We cannot overstate the importance of staying abreast with market trends. You snooze, you lose. That is today’s market.

 The decision to stay up to par with trends stems from the managerial cadre and funnels down to employees. As a manager, you must shift your workforce to modern office spaces that incorporate the latest technology and market insights.


 Co-working spaces are inorganic aspects that add value to your business. Shared spaces accentuate your unique value proposition as a business and increase your knowledge. The combination is best to see your business thrive. Reach out to us to find suitable office spaces in Australia for whatever budget you have.