Decentralisation means more jobs and better services for regional Australia.

I am calling on regional Australians to make it clear on why areas outside big cities deserve jobs.

We need to tell the public service to get out of the city – that you deserve Commonwealth agencies bringing well-paid, skilled jobs to your area.

Every town that has ever wanted Centrelink or a tax office, every town that has ever wanted a Centre of Excellence, every town that has wanted an agency such as the Grains Research and Development Corporation or the Murray Darling Basin Authority, now is the time to make your voice heard.

We have been trying to get the major parties to engage in the conversation about decentralisation, which is growing jobs in regional Australia and saving government money by relocating government agencies out of the major cities.

Now, it’s even more important after a new inquiry by the Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee into the operation, effectiveness and consequences of relocating corporate Commonwealth entities, as well as the economic, environmental and capability implications.

Make yourself heard by filling in the form below to make a submission.

The Nationals believe in decentralisation which is spreading job opportunities across Australia. Public service jobs are a huge driver of downstream jobs, especially when placed in regional and rural towns. Regional Australia deserves the benefits of public sector employment just as much as any capital city. After all, regional Australia supplies the water, food, electricity and gas which powers our cities.

Decentralisation saves millions of dollars in rent and moving jobs to regional towns offered housing affordability and a better environment for families. There are significant savings in moving to regional areas – relocating the Rural Industries RDC to Wagga Wagga from Canberra will deliver savings of about $1.2 million per year, including $266,000 in rent alone.