Health benefits of Invisalign in Wollongong

Invisalign is a removable, clear plastic aligner that patients wear to straighten their teeth. Doctors usually recommend Invisalign be worn during treatment, as it creates a more comfortable and discreet environment compared to traditional braces. Invisalign offers many benefits to patients, such as a more comfortable experience, a less noticeable appearance than traditional braces and the ability to eat what they want while wearing their aligners.

Health benefits of Invisalign in Wollongong

There are various health of Invisalign treatment in Wollongong that health conscious people will appreciate. Some of them include:

1. It prevents tooth decay

Invisalign aligners are made from plastic, so they do not cause any rusting, which generally occurs within regular braces. Any food particles can also be easily removed without damaging the aligners, unlike with traditional brace systems that get easily trapped in the teeth and cause food to rot in them. Ultimately preventative against tooth decay, Invisalign is a great option for individuals who want to keep their teeth in good condition while straightening their teeth.

2. It’s discreet

A patient can hide their straightened smile while wearing these invisible brace systems, making it a perfect option for individuals who want to disguise their smile in public places. This is especially effective for children with moderate to severe cases of crooked teeth due to tooth decay or injury. The Invisalign’s design and color make it easier to disguise with other business attire such as suits and business clothes because they are not immediately visible when worn.

3. It’s comfortable

Invisalign works in a similar way to a regular retainer, in that it tightens the teeth during treatment. For this reason, they are usually recommended to be worn longer than traditional braces, and often cause a more comfortable process. This is especially true for young patients and growing adults who may not have been able to wear traditional braces since they were so uncomfortable.

4. It makes for better oral hygiene

The clear material of the aligners makes it easier for patients to correctly brush their teeth and floss properly throughout treatment without interrupting treatment or causing misaligned teeth if accidentally brushed against inside their braces. This is because the aligners are smoother and flatter compared to regular braces, which have many gaps and holes for food to get trapped in. The aligners are also easier to clean, since they can be thoroughly rinsed after each meal.

5. It’s removable

Patients who wish to rest their mouth or change their mind about the treatment can simply remove their aligners and put them back on during their next visit with the orthodontist. This means that they do not have to pay for an entire course of treatment if they were happy with the results but not fond of their aligner system.


While the benefits of Invisalign in Wollongong treatment are numerous, they are not a panacea. It is important to have realistic expectations when considering this treatment, and to make sure that you understand the limitations of this type of orthodontic treatment.