How Much Are Vapes In Australia

Vapes are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as smokers switch to vaping. While smoking is certainly something to be avoided, vaping is not a perfectly safe alternative either. One thing is sure, though: vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking. A vaping starter kit in Australia can cost as little as $20.



Here Are Different Vapes And Their Prices In Australia

  • Disposable Vape

A new trend is sweeping the nation, and it’s a dream come true for smokers. Disposable vapes are a godsend for those who want to quit smoking while enjoying their favorite smokes. Both dry herb and e-juice options are available, disposable vapes are half the cost, and disposable vape cartridges last up to 200 puffs. Disposable vape costs $5 or more.

  • Pod Style

Vapes are a favorite among cigarette smokers as a path toward quitting tobacco. Although vaping is still relatively new, it has proven to be an effective way to kick the habit. The more popular vapes are pod-style vapes are vapes expensive in australia, which allow users to inhale their nicotine and other liquids from a pod rather than from the tank. Pod-style vapes may cost from 10 dollars up to 60 dollars.

  • Modified Vape

Technically, mods are vaping devices that allow a vaper to change the functionality of the device, such as its voltage, resistance, and wattage. Basically, mods allow a vaper to get the most out of their equipment. And while vape mods are nothing new, the mods being used to create “modified vape” are. Basically, a modified vape is when you take your modified vape mod and attach additional parts to it, such as a tank, an atomizer, or a drip tip. Mod vape worth starts from $60 dollars.

  • Juice

E-juice is an alternative nicotine delivery system for people looking to quit tobacco smoking. E-juice comes in a variety of flavors. Some taste like tobacco cigarettes, while others have more of a fruit or dessert flavor. E-juice, also known as vaping juice, is a blend of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) and nicotine. PG is a thicker, colorless liquid that is responsible for the vapor when inhaled, while VG is a thinner, clear liquid that provides flavoring when vaped. Juice may incur additional expenses for vape users in Australia.


The vaping industry in Australia is thriving. More and more people are swapping their tobacco cigarettes for vaping, and it’s easy to see why. Vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and vaping devices have improved to the point that they produce great-tasting vapor without all the toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes. Vaping is one of the things that makes Australia a leading market for e-cigarettes and vaping products.