Suez Review

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions is one of the industry-leading water technology and process companies in the world. They have over one hundred sixty years of experience in waste and water management and over twenty years of experience in waste to energy solutions. SUEZ is a group of experts in the transformation of waste into sustainable and clean energy that is trusted globally. 

Reliable and Credible

In resource recovery, SUEZ is a market leader, and they manage the most extensive waste network infrastructure in the state of New South Wales. They have proven to be great partners and members of the communities that they have their facilities in. 

Services Offered

Apart from being a trusted-global expert in Energy from waste production, Suez also offers a wide range of services such as Asset Performance Management, Chemical and Water Conditioning, and Water and Wastewater Services, which includes; Emergency Response and Temporary Mobile Water & Wastewater – Bridge Solutions.


According to the data from Severnside Energy from waste plants, there’s a total of two hundred sixty-nine thousand tonnes of residual waste from local councils converted into energy each year. This produces electricity for over thirty-six thousand homes and equates to around seventy-five thousand tonnes of reduction in CO2 emissions per year. Additionally, a byproduct of the energy from waste plants is over sixty thousand tonnes of ash residuals used as road bases. Another project processes up to four hundred thousand tonnes of residual waste from numerous London boroughs that generate 34MW, which is enough electricity to power the equivalent of fifty thousand homes. 


SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions guarantees to deliver innovative products, processes and solutions across the globe. They also ensure to meet the needs of your particular industry, region or state and business and to reach performance and compliance goals through sustainable solutions.