What are the best things to do in Melbourne?

Do you love travelling to foreign places? Do you enjoy visiting new places and learn more about cultures? If you want to visit a place that has a lot of interesting things to try, you should consider visiting Melbourne. If you want to enjoy the best of Australia, you cannot have a better option than visiting Melbourne. It is not known as the cultural capital of Australia for nothing. In this metropolis city, you would get to see beautiful mountains and lush green parks at their finest. You would also see the dynamic lifestyle of the Australian people. If you are considering going there, you must know what are the best things to do in Melbourne. Are tours in Melbourne worth it?

What are the best things to do in Melbourne?

1. The most basic thing you can do to experience the culture of a city is to walk through its streets and lanes. When you wander through the lanes and streets, you would be able to experience the little things that make up a city. If you take transport only to the popular tourist attractions, you would miss the fun. When you go walking down the city, you would be able to meet a lot of wonderful people too.

2. Your visit to Melbourne is incomplete without drinking a cup of coffee. It offers one of the best coffees in the world. Although Vienna, Austria is crowned as the coffee capital of the world, a lot of people argue that Melbourne should take the lead. The coffee culture of Melbourne is incredibly good. It should be a must-visit place for every coffee lover. So, if you love drinking coffee, you would enjoy your stay in Melbourne.

3. Melbourne is also famous for its street art. You would see random art at different places when you walk down the streets. Each art piece looks unique, attractive, and colourful. The arts vary greatly as they are made by different artists – from budding designers to expert graffiti designers.

4. If you love seeing the heritage parts of cities, the Flinders Street Station and Federation Square in Melbourne should be on your list. Opened in 1910, this picturesque building is seen as a cultural symbol of the city. When you enter the building, you would find a busy railway station. If you would like to buy some souvenirs, you can do shopping at some of the stores available there. You can also taste some delicious foods available therein.

5. If you are a geek and love science, you should not miss Scienceworks. It has a lightning room and a planetarium that you would love to see. It also has an amazing view of how a city works called Nitty Gritty Super City. They also hold science events and workshops. You would also find interesting science exhibits that will be enjoyed by you and your family.

There are many other things to do in Melbourne that you would totally enjoy. It will be worth your time to enjoy your holiday in the beautiful Australian city.