What to consider when purchasing travel towel in Australia

A travel towel is a beach towel that can be folded up into a small bundle, to be carried easily while traveling. Some travel towels are also made of very light material that is less likely to wrinkle. If you’re traveling internationally, you may want to pack a travel towel in your carry-on or even your checked baggage, as most countries require passengers to have them onboard during flights.

What to consider when purchasing travel towel in Australia

When shopping for a travel towel in Australia, consider the following factors:


  1. Material

The material of your travel towel will make the biggest difference in its comfort, durability and whether it is machine washable. Try not to use microfiber towels, as they are not good for the environment. Microfiber travel towels are also harder to care for because they need special chemicals to clean them thoroughly.


  1. Size

Small and lightweight travel towel in Australia are the best option. They don’t take up too much room in your luggage, and they can be easily carried alone or folded into a small pouch. A medium-sized towel is also an option if you want something larger but still lighter than a traditional beach towel. Large towels can be more cumbersome but they often last longer.


  1. Price

Travel towels are available in a wide range of prices, depending on their material and size. When buying travel towels in Australia, keep in mind that higher quality materials usually mean that the price is higher, though you may end up owning the towel for many years—and it will last longer if it is well made!


  1. Durability

Most travel towels in Australia are made from nylon or polyester, so they are durable enough for regular use but still light enough for frequent folding and packing up. Nylon can be resistant to wear and tear, remains soft even after many uses, is UV-resistant, and is considered the best fabric for beach towels.


  1. Style

Choose a travel towel in Australia that you like. If you’re looking for an every day travel towel, choose one with a nice pattern and color that will brighten up your days on the beach or by the pool! If you want a more practical travel towel, look for solid colors and patterns.


  1. Features

Some travel towels are made with special features that make caring for and using the towel much easier. For example, some travel towels come with a pocket for your phone or other small items. Some have a loop on the edge of the towel so you can hang it up to dry wherever you are. Some have loops for hanging that are placed in different places on each side of the towel, so that you can fold it up even when one side is wet.



The travel towel is a must have when you are traveling because it is small, lightweight and very useful tool. It’s not a luxury, but an important thing to have with you when you travel abroad, especially if you are going somewhere hot. As it is compact enough to place in luggage compartment or even under seat on airplane when folded up.